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Agricultural Cooperative in Costigliole Saluzzo

For over 30 years Albifrutta, a fruit cooperative sited in Piemonte, has been specialized in the conservation and trading of his own associated’s products.

Nowadays Albifrutta has more than 100 associated in the province of Cuneo who can count on the cooperative for the conservation, processing and distribution of their products.
The company is specialized in the production of Apricots and Apples, in particular the "Tonda di Costigliole" apricot and the "Golden" apple, two must for Albifrutta..

Other fruits processed by the cooperative are:

• Cherries;
• APRICOTS with the varieties Tsunami, Rosso di Costigliole, Tonda di Costigliole and many others;
• Plums with the varieties Santa Clara and Dalmazzine
• Peaches, many varieties with yellow or white pulp
• Pears, in particular Carmen, William, ecc..
• Apples, in particular Golden, Gala, Fuji and many more
• Kiwi
• Blueberries
• Chestnuts
• Walnuts

Albifrutta makes turn, by local artisans, some of her products into juices and nectars with its own brand.

Albifrutta has a company store in the headquarter where final customers can buy directly fruit and vegetables produced by associated.


Fruit distribution, conservation and selling

Albifrutta deals with fruits and vegetables processing, selling and trading not only in the province of Cuneo, but also in many regions of Italy and abroad. There is a large quantity of varieties produced by Albifrutta's associated. Below you can find a description of each one:

Albifrutta Società Cooperativa

Via Piasco, 22/A
12024 - Costigliole Saluzzo


Phone 0175 230837
Fax 0175 230989

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