brands and packages

We treat and packaging fruit of the best Italian brands

Our products are packaged following the specific customer requirements. Here we are with some of our packagings:
- Mono layer in cardboard or wood
- Double layer in cardboard or wood
- Laced baskets in cardboard (10pc)
- Bulk in cardboard or wood
- Calibrated or "as is" in bins or empty return boxes

Special care and attention are dedicated in harvesting, in order to collect the products at their best in organoleptics. The cooperative looks after this aspect by sensitizing its associated.

our products

fruit distribution, conservation and selling

Albifrutta deals with fruits and vegetables processing, selling and trading not only in the province of Cuneo, but also in many regions of Italy and abroad. There is a large quantity of varieties produced by Albifrutta's associated. Below you can find a description of each one:

Albifrutta Società Cooperativa

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