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Albifrutta offers a wide selection of varieties starting from bicolored Gala, continuing with Renette, Renoir, Golden and finishing with Fuji.

Thanks to the new conservation techniques the Golden apple is available all year long with a product always as freshly harvested.




For Albifrutta is the top variety and is also the most desired by customers. Thanks to the particularly vocated area, we start the harvesting with high organoleptic levels, with straw yellow fruits with light red facets on the sunny side. The harvest is splitted in two times: in the first round the fruits are collected in boxes or bins and are sold “as they are”, while the second round is collected in bins and is used for processing.



In this group of varieties we can find some classics as Red Chief or Classic, and new generation varieties as Jeromine and Superchief, that distinguish themselves from others for the peel’s high degree of coloration and for the presence of lenticels.



We start with classic varieties like mondial Gala and others characterized by a striated red coloration turning to pale white and a sweet pulp and we finish with the latest dark red varieties like Galaval and Schnico Red, passing by Brookfield, Schniga, Annaglò and Buckeye. The harvest usually starts about the 20th of August. The product is available till the end of april thanks to the latest conservation techniques in controlled atmosphere.



In this group we can find a lot of varieties from the more striated turning to pale white as Raku Raku to the more coloured Atzec and Fujico. For all the varieties the size is medium to big end the shape is roundish.

Mela Renetta Canada


Variety with flattened fruits, the peel is green with patches of rust scattered on the surface. The pulp is melting and the flavor is sourish. They are appreciated for their taste qualities.

Renetta Rugginosa


Variety with flattened fruits, the peel has a golden colour with rustiness all over the surface. The pulp is tender, very scented and lightly acidulous. This variety is often used for the preparation of cakes.



This variety is still in the experimental stage, its excellent organoleptic satisfied the consumer’s palate. The fruits are lightly flattened. The background colour is green-yellow with shades of light red on the sunny side. There’s a fine rustiness on 50-60% of the surface.

Granny Smith


Albifrutta has a little production of this variety featured by an intense green colour with light lenticels. Suitable for people with problems of diabetes thanks to its low content in sugar.

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